Peccary is the world’s rarest and finest gloving leather, originating from wild hogs in South America. Making gloves from Peccary requires unique skills from a master glove cutter, and only the most skilled can cut it right. All peccary gloves must be hand sewn due to the quality of the leather. Peccary leather is hard wearing and treated right they can last a lifetime.


Generally the best leather for gloves is hairsheep leather. This fine grade of leather is mainly sourced in Ethiopia and Nigeria. It has great strength and natural elasticity, which helps the glove to fit properly. The sheep that provides the leather grows hair not wool, hence its name. Hairsheep leather has a fine clean surface, and is not as bulky as other leathers. Its major benefits are softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort.


Like hairsheep leather, deerskin has the benefit of great strength and elasticity, but has a more rugged appearance with more grain on the surface than hairsheep. It is very hard wearing and heavier in weight than hairsheep leather.


Reindeer skin that originates from Lapland in Finland is the most exclusive leather and hard to find in gloves. Yearly around 150 000 Reindeers breed freely on the hills of Lappland, and they are primary breed because of their valuable meat. The leather is a byproduct of the food industry. The leather is very soft and thin but still strong in its structure, and therefore long lasting